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SoundWave Collective

The new musical collective in The Netherlands

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SoundWave Collective is a new ensemble based in The Hague, launched to create performance opportunities for young, up and coming musicians, singers and dancers.

Founder and artistic director Libia Hernández hopes to help young players develop their passion and skills while providing valuable experience they will need and use throughout their professional careers.

SoundWave Collective wishes to move away from the idea that classical music is exclusively or predominantly focused on a small elite group and instead looks to cultivate new listeners and an ever widening group of people by expanding the concert/theater going experience through performances in new, uncommon and unusual venues and at non-traditional hours creating an expanded more current concert experience.

SoundWave Collective is a project-based ensemble with an energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and positive stage presence that supports the core commitment and belief that classical music is current, irreplaceable and an enduring force that bridges cultures and continents. Our common denominator being the universally understood language of music.

SoundWave Collective visualizes a strong and vibrant future for classical music.

Forging alliances with young colleagues, to not only share knowledge, traditions and experiences, but to explore new ideas and solutions for bringing classical music into the future.


To employ creative ways of engaging diverse audiences and cultivating new listeners to let as many people as possible know that classical music is current, necessary and irreplaceable, and is an enduring force that bridges cultures and continents. 


  • SoundWave Collective strives to work alongside and to nurture young musicians in a cultural ecosystem where classical music and classical musicians can thrive. An important component will be our “music laboratory” where musicians, composers, as well as other artists  and creators will meet to brainstorm, exchange ideas and get valuable professional experience producing unique concerts and performances. 

  • SoundWave Collective has the ambition of performing both classical repertoire as well as other music genres at the highest level. 

  • SoundWave Collective is a dynamic and virtuosic group developing projects that reflect our cultural diversity by combining and blending different art forms and movements.

  • SoundWave Collective will give concerts and performances in new venues and locations.

  • SoundWave Collective stands for classical music with a fresh and modern take, empasizing our  commonalities and exploring mutual respect and understanding.

  • SoundWave Collective wishes to extend the hand of friendship to new audiences through our “cross-pollination” programming and to expand the concert/theater going experience by performing at new venues, for new audiences and at non-traditional hours creating an expanded more current concert experience.

  • SoundWave Collective aspires to become an integral part of The Hague’s music scene.



L'Histoire du Soldat / A Soldier's Tale

Igor Stravinsky’s timeless tale and music written in 1918 right after the first World War about a young soldier that sells his soul to the devil. The piece was composed for 7 musicians and narrator and we’ve given the story a modern twist by creating a new text especially for this occasion written and performed by spoken word artist Joimar Gomes alongside 7 enthusiastic, talented young musicians.

Pieter van Loenen, violin

Louis van der Mespel, double bass

Letizia Maulà, clarinet

Daniel Garrido Iglesias, bassoon  

Carlos Cunha, trumpet  

Joram van Ketel, trombone 

Joao Brito,  percussion 

Josimar Gomes, singer

Mathieu Mulder, video

Joao Lucas, audio

Susanne van Els, directing

Libia Hernandez, conductor

Alexander Glazunov - Chant du Ménestrel Op 71 for Double Bass and String Orchestra
Quirijn van Regteren Altena

Johannes Brahms - Double Concerto Op. 102 for Violin, Cello and Orchestra

Mairéad Hickey, Violin and  Ella van Poucke Cello


Impresssions of l'Histoire du Soldat by SoundWave Collective

Performance on June 26, 2021 Lange Voorhout, Den Haag

070322_Poster Stravinsky_Final.png
170622_SoundWave Collective_Flyer Parade_V2.png


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